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You Are an Author

Writing is an art—a creative medium. The greatest works of our time aren’t placed on that pedestal because their authors were perfect—they are revered because their stories had an impact.

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Your Reader is Smart

The joy of reading is in the discovery. When you over-explain, you rob your readers of that pleasure—they want to piece some things together on their own! It’s not only an enjoyable part of reading. It’s also a

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Just Say No

Writing obliterates our comfort zones–we share buried stories, explore others’ perspectives, and pour our hearts onto the page, hoping readers will treat them with care.

But while we expect some vulnerability, we often forget to embrace

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Is Your Story Worth Telling?

Our authors tell us again and again how healing the ghostwriting process was–how it helped them uncover new perspectives and find the words for feelings they’d been holding inside for years.

Every story is different.

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Proofreading is Not Revising.

What’s the difference between revising and proofreading?

The answer is a huge, intimidating chasm. Proofreading takes the sentences as they come, checking for grammar and spelling errors. Many people also take this opportunity to make sure

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