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You Deserve to Write Your Book with Denise Marsh

This week’s post features an interview with Denise Marsh, author of Do It For Your SELFIE! A Guide to Loving Yourself, Redesigning Your Life, and Getting Aligned from Within. Denise is an acclaimed author and transformational mindset guide, empowering women

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How to Publish Your Memoir

Congratulations on completing your memoir! It’s an incredible achievement, and you should be proud of reaching this milestone. However, the journey to publishing your memoir can seem daunting with so many questions and uncertainties. Fear not! In this article, I’ll

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Your Six-Figure Book Idea

With my time teaching public speaking, I found that the number one reason students didn’t finish their speeches on time was because they just never picked a topic. They were just disarmed by becoming overwhelmed.

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How to Maximize Your Book’s ROI

The number one mistake I see among first-time authors, regardless of genre, is failing to think about their book as a business. They’re not thinking about maximizing ROI or giving their book the longevity it needs.

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The Top Six Book Scams of 2023

Check out this text just got about my book. It says, “Dear Amanda, I hope this message finds you well. I represent Lionsgate Entertainment. We recently stumbled upon your book, and we’re absolutely thrilled about it…”

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